ML Design

Month: January 2018

A tooltip plugin.


Browser Emulate

Plugin Options

  • attr: ‘title’ – must provide an attribute to take content from.
  • type: ‘cursor’ – 3 styles ‘cursor’, ‘browser_emulate’, ‘fixed’.
  • tipAttributes: {class: ‘ml-tooltip’} – attributes given to tooltip.
  • disableTouch: true
  • contentBefore: ” – add content before text.
  • contentAfter: ” – add content after text.
  • delay: 650 – delay hover time before showing tooltip
  • styles: {position:’absolute’, pointerEvents:’none’, width: ‘auto’, zIndex: 10000000, whiteSpace:’normal’, display:’none’, background: ‘#000’, color: ‘#fff’, fontSize: ’14px’, padding: ‘2px 8px’, borderRadius: ‘3px’} – added styles
  • onTooltipShow: function() {}
  • onTooltipClose: function() {}
  • onBeforeAppend: function() {}

A Slide game made as a jQuery plugin.

Game Demo

  • Include .js file in your page and add one snippet of html. See readme file for js initialisation.
  • Include paths to any number of images in js as array.