MLR Audio WP plugin

This page demonstrates the default settings for the MLR Audio plugin. The default shortcode shows all media elements from all categories but there is a category parameter for displaying selected tracks from selected categories. See the readme.txt file within the plugin directory for more information.

New in version 0.2

  • Multiple players per page supported.
  • Automatic pause when play buttons on different players clicked.
  • ‘auto’ shortcode attribute for autoplay for when there is more than one player on a page – auto=”1″
  • Randomise tracks freely or with no repeats.
  • Single track player with scrolling track info (html5 canvas supported browser required).

Default audio player.

  • Coast to coast by Ted Della
  • Downtown Funk by Ted Della
  • New Orleans by Ted Della
  • Sequentia by Ted Della
  • Steppin’ Out by Ted Della
  • The Bounce by Ted Della

Options page for audio player.

  • Change visible height of the playlist. If the actual height of the playlist is longer than this height a jquery scrollbar will be employed.
  • Order playlist tracks by date or title.
  • Choose if the playlist is hidden or visible on page load. There is a toggle button to toggle the playlist visibility.
  • Autoplay on page load.
  • Random play toggle button.
  • Display thumbnail image in player header (left/right).
  • Customise colours of the player using WP color picker.

Single audio player

The single audio player can be injected into a post using a unique shortcode generated on the audio post page,
e.g. [mlra id='single_578bd67284ecf']
The ‘auto’ attribute can be used for autoplay – auto=”1″

The colours are set in the plugin options page and are coordinated with the default player with the playlist.

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